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Superior Quality Appalachian Hardwoods for Over Four Generations

Church Hardwood Lumber is a purpose driven export sales company, created to offer customers around the world a single source for all of their lumber needs.

Church Hardwood Lumber, LLC. was built upon the necessity of solid, grounded partnerships within business and family. The Church family has been providing hardwood and softwood lumber to domestic and international markets since the early 1900s. As economies have changed and our industry has decreased in size, we have seen it increasingly beneficial to combine our strengths and invest in infrastructure. Thus, Church Hardwood Lumber was born. 


Church Hardwood Lumber is a joint venture between Church and Church Lumber Company and Bryant Church Hardwoods that builds upon our many decades of sales experience while offering industry leading service and products. 

We are excited to see what the future holds and look forward to building lasting partnerships. 

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